Sunday, 3 November 2019

Training log week ended 1/11/19

Week off work doing all sorts of stuff and a bit of running. Anyway the short version. Monday 3ml walk, legs were v stiff, lots of stretches. Tuesday 6.2 mls at 8.20 pace. Wednesday 6.3 mls at 8.20 pace. Friday 6.5 mls at 8.15 pace. Sunday afternoon 12mls at 8.40 pace. All Charleville. 34 mls for the week. Other non running stuff included - Trip to Fota with the family, Limping through assignments for my course, spending a grand (yes a grand) on paint and looking at new beds and sofas. Trick or treating with the small one on Thursday night. Watching the Joker in the cinema - great film. Nursing a cold all week and leaving a Lloyd Cole gig halfway through as it was so boring.

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