Sunday, 31 May 2020

Running in sorchio sorchio

Currently in Ireland we are going through our regular June weekend heat wave. We will enjoy it while we can as the Winter seemed to drag on for ever. It makes for tough running, evidenced by my 2 mile jog yesterday and my easy 7.2 miles today. Yesterday I probably should not have gone out to be honest. I picked up a touch of the sun the day before and wasn't feeling the best when I went out. Heavy legs, queasy stomach, a bit hot headed so I called it quits after 2 miles feeling a bit crap for the rest of the day. The bad mood took a while to lift too a sure sign I was feeling under the weather. Sunday was a bit better but even at 8 am I was beginning to suffer again with the queasy tummy so this time I just stopped after a hour - 7.2 miles up on the legs. This wasn't my original plan during the week but sometimes you have to make down with what you got.

Aside from that a good solid running week, no speedwork. Monday 4 miles recovery at 9.20, Tuesday 6.4 mls at 8.20 , steady but was finding it tough. Wednesday 7 miles at 8.06 pace pushing the pace for the last 4 miles. This was a tough run. Thursday I had a long workday ahead of me so went running Friday instead doing 6.6 mls at 8.16 pace. This was followed by 2 miles on Saturday and 7.2 miles on Sunday.

33 miles for the week. 134 miles for the month of May. Not bad these days but without a target race it's hard to keep motivated.

On a extra note Cork City marathon are now cancelling their race. It would have been originally held today. It was then deferred to Sept 6th (my birthday!!!) but is now postponed until May 2021. Today would have been a tough time to hold a marathon in such heat. I had planned to do Cork in September and Dublin in Oct had they gone ahead but I guess i will just have to run for pleasure now. Connemara is still talking about going ahead but this is hardly credible or sensible.. I might try training for a solo marathon instead but then again I might not 😆😀😀😀

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Running in the time of Covid -part 8

I had planned to take a easier week this week as the legs were feeling heavy for the last few sessions last week.  I was consistently hitting 30 miles for the last 4/5 weeks so it was no harm. The other big news of the week was the cancellation of the Dublin City Marathon. It was hardly a surprise and it was the correct decision but now I have a large gap in terms of "what am I training for". The answer is "I don't really know". I could train away to run a personal marathon in August but unless it's officially recognized  and I get a nice chunk of metal for it there seems little point at the moment. We will see what happens down the line. Maybe just keep doing 30-35 a miles a week for the month of June might be enough of a challenge.

Monday - I ran with just a stopwatch at recovery marathon pace. Maybe 5 miles maybe a bit more. Pace was probably 9.20 per mile.

Tuesday - no running. Aoiffe was busy with work meetings in the morning so running wasn't a option. I was happy to avail of the excuse.

Wednesday - 6 miles at a relaxed 8.16 pace

Thursday - 6 miles with 3 X 1 miles . First mile was a bit rusty 7.14 or so but last two a lot better 7.07 and 7.04. I didn't have another one in me but might remedy that in the future

Friday - no plans to go for a run. As it was it was a crazy work day.

Saturday - Probably a disappointing session in a lot of ways. I was thinking maybe 8 miles at a faster MP pace on the Coolens route. First 10 km went well , 7.55 pace but I bonked after that and I called it quits. Just walked home . Mind you I had a good day at home with Aoiffe and Iseult

Sunday - no run. Panned out on the couch for a hour during the day. Feeling a bit miserable not physically ill but just feeling a bit bluesy. Some stuff going on in the background that is affecting me. My best running can only occur if the real life stuff is going ok.

That works out as 23 miles a week. Very low to be fair but I needed the break. The "Kick" was gone out of the running a bit lately.  No harm in that.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Running in the time of COVID part 7

Logged my highest mileage in a long time - 33mls to 34 mls

Monday was ok enough 5 miles at a recovery pace. 9.20 per mile felt very good after it.

Tuesday - 5 mile tempo with 3 mile insert at 7.22 average per mile. It was tough but was as good as the last time I tried something similar 2 weeks ago

Wednesday - a busy day. Had to deal with a few work issues as well as starting a assignment for a course I am doing so it was easier not to run

Thursday - 6.3 mile hilly run around town and its streets. Doesn't compare to running up in Cork but it will have to do.

Friday - MP run at 7.53 pace. A good run.Didn't have to force the pace at all. 6.3 miles

Saturday - wipe out. Zoom chat and beer with the lads.That was way better. I acted as quizmaster.

Sunday - very sluggish 90 minute run. Garmin not working. Stopwatch only. Not a great work out. Hunger wasn't great. had hoped to do 12 miles but it wasn't in me. Around 10.5 miles.

A good weeks mileage but looks like all marathons will be cancelled in 2020 and possibly next year too.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Running in time of COVID part 5 and 6

30 miles this week and the week before.

This week consisted of 4 runs - 7 miles hilly around Charleville. Very sluggish. I ran that on Tuesday. On Wednesday I ran 6 miles at a faster pace but still sluggish. The better run was Thursday's 6 mile run with the last 3 miles at 8 minute pace. Long run Saturday 11 miles at 8.16 pace as fast as last Saturdays marathon pace run of 8 miles so one of those runs was either too fast or not fast enough. That meant 30 miles for the week. Wiped out now on Sunday.

The week before consisted of 30 miles over 5 runs. 5 miles Monday, 6 miles Tuesday with 3 mile tempo insert at 7.23 average pace, faster than the previous tempo pace of 7.38. No run Wedneday with 6 miles on Thursday and Friday. All generally good pace runs 8.20 and 8 minutes. Saturday was a MP run of 8 miles at 8.16. That required more effort than I expected.

Happy enough though even it's only May I think we can forget any marathons in Ireland happening even later in the year maybe next not year either.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Running in the time of COVID part 4

Another good solid weeks running but the weekend was a bit tougher than I expected. The stats are good for me. 31 miles. 5 mls Monday (8.35 pace), 5 mls Tuesday with 3 x 1 miles (7.13, 7.12, 7.11) and 5 miles on Wednesday (8.09) The legs felt good on the Wednesday run. Thursday I pushed on a bit for 6 miles on the Cooleen run but the pace was slower and I was dragging a bit at the end. Friday was a day for cutting the grass and Saturday was given over to painting the walk in wardrobes. That meant the 10 mile run was due for Sunday and from the first mile the whole thing was a real effort. The pace was consistent enough (8.30). I ran the route from my house , down the park (3 laps), the railway run and to Corbett Court and back taking Bakers road on the way home. I was totally out of puff at this point and glad to have it done. It was humid and I should have pre hydrated more. The legs were heavy too. Nevertheless it was job done and sometimes that's ok.

31 miles for the week, (Monday 5 miles, Tuesday 5 miles, Wednesday 5 miles, Thursday 6 miles, Sunday 10 miles.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Running in the time of COVID part 3

The week before last was certainly a good running week. I was taking advantage of the staying at home, no driving into work and resting all day to log  a good running week. The mileage was not particularly high 28 miles but I felt great and really tuned into running. By Sunday morning I wasn't feeling too well, got a throat infection and blisters appearing on the tongue which made eating difficult. I was also feeling pretty crappy. Now while I am 100% positive it wasn't COVID I gave the running a break until I started to feel better and simply went for 3 mile walks instead. The little one was complaining of a sore throat the week previously as was the wife. Therefore it was a matter of time before I picked it up.

It was a nasty bugger too. I was able enough to get the walking in but I was zapped after that so running was out of the question. It disrupted the sleep too and the sore throat was  uncomfortable at times. The mouth blisters were the worst though. Thankfully it had cleared up by Friday allowing me to run a easy 4 miler on Saturday with no ill effects at all.

As a result I ran 5 miles easy pace (8.20) on Monday. I ran a tempo effort on Tuesday, my first in over a year, 3 miles at 7.38 average pace the last mile being the fastest at 7.32 with a mile warmup and cooldown, 5 miles at recovery effort on Wednesday (920 pace). On Thursday I ran a faster run on the Cooleens route covering 5 miles at 7.57 average pace with the last two miles at 7.42 pace. Friday no running and a planned long run over the weekend.The long run was a bit of a effort. The legs were tired and heavy but I was never in any fear of quitting either. I did 10.5 miles at a average pace of 8.25. I was happy with the run.

I think going forward (all going well) I might stick with the 30 -35 miles for a few weeks yet. I'm certainly not that comfortable to run much more than 11 miles on the long run as it is. Anyway all those 2km out and back would drive you twisty.

A good running week - 30.5 miles. The staying at home and not driving in is most definitely paying off. Hopefully there will be races worth entering in the Autumn.

Monday 5 miles Tuesday 5mls with 3 mile tempo at 7.38 average, Wednesday 5 miles, Thursday 5 miles at 7.57 pace, Saturday 10.5 miles at 8.25 pace.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Running in the time of COVID Part 2

Week 3 of the lockdown.

The government have placed restrictions on social mobility. That extends to exercising no more than 2k distance from your home. Before the social restrictions were put in place I was running well - sticking to a schedule of  22 miles and 24 miles in the first two weeks. This meant running 5 miles on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 7/8 miles on a Saturday. I have adjusted my running since, running early in the morning at around 7 am, running 2k loops near my house.

I don't see anyone in the morning and ran 6 miles Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week all at 7 am..
I leave the running shoes outside the house and basically stay in the house the rest of the day doing the remote teaching thing catching up on a bit of reading and music. It probably sounds boring but we don't mind it all.The running saves me from boredom.

One item of concern is the slight nagging pain in the left ankle, I iced it a lot last week and it did the trick. I can't decide is it tendinitis or ligament strain. The other concern is the strain in my right knee and quad so I am foam rolling that. Hopefully it will sort itself out once I am sensible about it.

The long run went well today. I ran 10 miles today(8.22 pace with last 4 at 8.15 pace) again observing all the social precautions, up early avoiding people, maintaining social distance and observing the 2k radius. I'm not observing the keep it brief rule but (and this is selfish) I  know I am doing no harm. I have seen on Strava runners and cyclists who are really taking the piss including a number of coaches, business leaders and elite runners who should know better. We will see how it goes.

In terms of races (and this is only speculation) I am torn between a few options in Autumn assuming the world hasn't gone into collapse completely.

Stay well, stay safe and stay exercising.