Sunday, 10 November 2019

training log week ended 10th November

Only two runs this week. Late home on Monday as usual (after 9) so not possible. Tuesday home late again , parent teacher meeting again closer to 8pm. Wednesday I bailed out of it completely. Thursday no chance in the usual slot and busy in the evening. Working late on Friday and not home until after 8.
4 miles on Saturday. V stiff effort. Iseult was awake at 2.30 am the next morning after getting sick in her bed. I slept on the floor beside her just to keep a eye on her and then went out at 9 am for a 16 mile long run. Same old route as ever. Garmin died again at mile 11 (rubbish device) and then struggled through the last 5 miles in a poor way. I was probably well over 9 minute pace at the end of it. I really would want to be more comfortable at a sub 9 pace in the future. To be fair the bad nights sleep and the lack of mileage during the week didn't help.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Training log week ended 1/11/19

Week off work doing all sorts of stuff and a bit of running. Anyway the short version. Monday 3ml walk, legs were v stiff, lots of stretches. Tuesday 6.2 mls at 8.20 pace. Wednesday 6.3 mls at 8.20 pace. Friday 6.5 mls at 8.15 pace. Sunday afternoon 12mls at 8.40 pace. All Charleville. 34 mls for the week. Other non running stuff included - Trip to Fota with the family, Limping through assignments for my course, spending a grand (yes a grand) on paint and looking at new beds and sofas. Trick or treating with the small one on Thursday night. Watching the Joker in the cinema - great film. Nursing a cold all week and leaving a Lloyd Cole gig halfway through as it was so boring.

Friday, 25 October 2019

running log week ended 27th October

Monday - rest day doing course. Tuesday - 5.5 mls at 6.30 am. I thought I was doing around 8.30 but overall pace was 9.20 per mile. No harm but a very slow recovery pace indeed. Wednesday - 6 miles around Charleville. I was dithering about this but a good trip to the men's room put me in good form ;-) I ran at around 8.15 pace, the last 3 miles were closer to 8min pace especially the last one which is pretty tough. Thursday I had a window of opportunity at 2.10 before the PT meeting at 4 so I drove up to Mayfield and ran the old 6 mile route covering 6.5 miles. I ran 24 minutes for the first 3 miles downhill and 26 minutes for the harder uphill portion. I used to do a lot better before on this but I was happy that I managed it with too undue effort and managed to use my "gap" time effectively. I bumped into Don on the way who was doing his own job. He is running the  Dublin marathon on Sunday alongside his wife as are a load of other people I know including my good friend Aidan. Yeah I feel bad about missing this again.On the positive side I did run 14 miles solo on Sunday. The garmin died at 12.5 mls but I was probably slightly over 14 miles if anything. 32 miles this week

Sunday, 20 October 2019

training log week ending 20/10/18

 Better than the last few weeks in that I managed to get out 4 times this week. 4 mile recovery run on Tuesday during work time. No garmin just a stopwatch but the pace was certainly slow enough to justify it being called a recovery run (9.30 pace). Wednesday my wife was off sick from work and was at home so it was chance to have the chat before I popped out - 6 miles in around 50 minutes. Again just a stopwatch. I had a good 2 miles with a traveller lad of around 9 years old. Pacy fella too, boxing was his game though. Nice lad.

Thursday I was a bit wrecked and not happy coming out of work. Anyway I managed a another good 6 miles when I came home before I collected Iseult from Grannies. The pace was somewhere in the region of 8.10 per mile so very happy to get 3 runs (limited as they were) in consecutive days. The last run of the week was today. I aimed to run a cutback long run at marathon pace at 8.30 per mile. A couple of years ago this pace would have been 7.30 but it is what it is so we will work with what I have.  I found it a struggle for the first 5 miles to manage 8.30 pace but I was comfortable for the last two miles coming in at 8.15 and 8.05 pace. The rest of the day was spent cutting the grass, making the diners and reading the hand wringing rubbish about the Irish rugby team.

By the way you may noticed ( who reads this - no one) I mentioned marathon pace. I am in the middle if thinking about the possibility of doing one but I have been in that place a lot over the last two years so best to take no notice.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Thursday, 10 October 2019

running log 10/10

Very little last two weeks down to thefact that the running slots were taken up with other stuff. Last Tuesday week no running, Wednesday 6 miles and nothing else until 11 solo miles on Sunday (8.50 pace) around Charleville.

This week just a 5.5 miles 9.10 effort on Tuesday. Wednesday visit my sister in Watergrasshill and Thursday instead of leaving work at 2.10 and going for a run before collecting Iseult from Nana was replaced with a meet and greet with parents.

The days of me running after Aoiffe comes home from work are gone now. I like to spend time with Iseult and Aoiffe in the evening.

Iseult's birthday party on Saturday

Monday, 30 September 2019

Running log 29th September

A good week. Rest Monday. Tuesday 5 miles in Cork during a free class. I got a bit of a wetting at the end and having no showers in our school plus not having a proper towel was not a good idea. That said I was delighted to get the run done.Wednesday 6 miles back home after work on my fast route. 8.05 pace on average with a tough pull on the last mile. Thursday a hill run up in Mayfield Cork City. Another soaking on the last two miles. Some tough climbs. 8.30 pace overall. Nothing on Friday- too much on, in work until 7. Too tired to do anything on Saturday and besides I had to put the small one's new bed together (flatpack !!!!). Sunday drag my sorry self out of bed for a laboured 90 minute run. Probably covered 10 miles maybe more. I suspect 10.4 as the pace felt solid. No Garmin for that one either.

Monday 30th September. Hanging tired and fair grouchy. In work until 8 tonight so that means not home until after 9 pm. We will see what the rest of the week holds.