Sunday, 19 March 2023

back on track... i think...two minds

 After a few on and off weeks it was back to a better routine this week. 3 miles recovery on Tuesday. Hr was low enough 139 with a slow pace 9.20. Wednesday a 4 mile effort at 8.20 pace but HR was in the 150's, not so clever. Day off Thursday - funeral to go to in Ballyheigue. Friday - St Patricks Day - 5 miles a slower pace around 8.55 pace but HR was 146. Saturday I had a bit of get and go to do another 5 miles, no idea of the pace but effort seemed ok enough. Sunday I had it in my head to do 10 miles. I would have liked to do another 4 miles but the chest starting wheezing again at mile 8 so 10 miles was enough. Pace was slow 8.50 but HR was very high 156. 27 miles for the week. 

I could make the Cork city marathon but only if I start upping the long runs over the month of April. 

I am in two minds about that

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