Saturday, 4 April 2020

Running in the time of COVID Part 2

Week 3 of the lockdown.

The government have placed restrictions on social mobility. That extends to exercising no more than 2k distance from your home. Before the social restrictions were put in place I was running well - sticking to a schedule of  22 miles and 24 miles in the first two weeks. This meant running 5 miles on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 7/8 miles on a Saturday. I have adjusted my running since, running early in the morning at around 7 am, running 2k loops near my house.

I don't see anyone in the morning and ran 6 miles Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week all at 7 am..
I leave the running shoes outside the house and basically stay in the house the rest of the day doing the remote teaching thing catching up on a bit of reading and music. It probably sounds boring but we don't mind it all.The running saves me from boredom.

One item of concern is the slight nagging pain in the left ankle, I iced it a lot last week and it did the trick. I can't decide is it tendinitis or ligament strain. The other concern is the strain in my right knee and quad so I am foam rolling that. Hopefully it will sort itself out once I am sensible about it.

The long run went well today. I ran 10 miles today(8.22 pace with last 4 at 8.15 pace) again observing all the social precautions, up early avoiding people, maintaining social distance and observing the 2k radius. I'm not observing the keep it brief rule but (and this is selfish) I  know I am doing no harm. I have seen on Strava runners and cyclists who are really taking the piss including a number of coaches, business leaders and elite runners who should know better. We will see how it goes.

In terms of races (and this is only speculation) I am torn between a few options in Autumn assuming the world hasn't gone into collapse completely.

Stay well, stay safe and stay exercising.

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